Acquistare un Rolex per la prima volta: guida alla scelta

Buying a Rolex, for some people, can be a real life dream. Rolex, like many other jewels and precious objects that can be purchased, does not only have a value determined by its price, but also a different value, obtained from the status that is conferred on the subject or, simply, from affectivity ( even in terms of consumption) that is felt by a particular person. What is certain is that, of course, especially if it is the first purchase of a Rolex, especially considering the high budget that will have to be sustained compared to the purchase of any other watch, many people get into difficulty, not knowing how to choose their own precious object .

The purchase of a Rolex, in fact, can be consequential to the consideration of a series of characteristics, relating above all to a real and proper guide to the choice that allows you to understand , even if in generic terms, which watch is the one that best responds to its own characteristics. Of course, before buying a Rolex, the advice is always to compare the different prices at which the watch in question is sold on the reference market: for example, if you are interested in a famous model like the Rolex GMT Master, you can find it at . Below are some of the best features to consider. 

Budget to support

Inevitably, the first feature that must be taken into consideration when it comes to buying a Rolex is the budget to be supported for its purchase . Like many other jewels, Rolex is also available, on the reference market, with different price ranges, based on the type of exclusivity, functionality and value that one wants to confer by wearing a watch of this kind on the wrist. 

Especially when making your first purchase, in fact, it is important to consider two elements: the first is related to the fact that buying a Rolex is not something that happens every day, therefore you will need to have enough money to be able to afford one instrument of this kind; secondly, it is important to understand how far you want to go, in terms of budget, especially considering that there are some models that can even exceed tens of thousands of euros.

Size and face

Coming to more technical issues, an important element to evaluate in your guide to choosing concerns the size of the Rolex and, consequently, also the dial to be chosen, in terms of overall diameter. It all depends on your wrist, which will have to display the Rolex never giving the impression of an object that is in the wrong place. For this reason, a smaller wrist must necessarily correspond to a thinner dial, just as a thicker wrist will be associated with a dial with a larger diameter while, in the event that there is greater freedom of choice, the customization will be greater for who buys.

Material of the dial and band 

The last element that must be considered, in the context of the guide to choosing and buying a Rolex, concerns the material . As previously mentioned, the budget is important and must be established before any other element, so, already having clear purchase intentions, you will have a more or less clear perception of the material you can rely on for your purchase . What is certain is that Rolexes exist, in the reference market, through different models, colours, materials and characteristics, for which there is always a wide possibility of customization: from gold to platinum, passing through rose gold and white gold, as well as that through the silver. Next to the material of the dial of course, it will also be important to consider that of the strap , with the same price differences considered previously.